Starship Creation Rules

Creating your Starship is the final step to bringing the game to life. This will be your home, your jobs, your gateway to adventure.

You Have 1 Million Credits to Spend On Your Ship

Lay out your vessel design on graph paper (digital or otherwise), designating each square as a meter on a side. Arrange the modules as you wish, making sure that each module takes up the required number of units, and that each connects directly to another module. You’ll need to keep track of four factors: area, mass, energy units., and cost.


This section contains basic lists of components available for space-faring vessels. They’re meant to provide a starting point from which to begin creating your own ships. Use the descriptions to come up with your own variant or new modules. There are some characteristics of ship components that deserve some explanation before continuing on.

Area Units

The area units indicate how much space that each component takes up. Each area unit is one meter wide, one meter long, and three meters high. The mass gives a measure of how much material is packed into each area; generally, the lower the mass, the more empty space it contains.


The mass of a given component describes, in metric tons, how much material that area contains and how much that piece adds to the total tonnage of the ship. In most cases, this is not a straight weight value but more of a size and complexity value. Each component not only requires itself to operate but support systems throughout the ship to make it all work together.

Energy Draw and Energy Units

Energy units (or “eu”) are the amount of power that it takes to run that component. This power comes from either the main plant of the ship or a support plant designated for that component. The energy draw column of each module is in energy units. Energy units hardly ever come into play, though it’s possible to reroute power from some systems to others to increase their effectiveness.


The prices associated with each module are listed in credits, a generic unit of monetary measurement that presumes that purchasing ships is a relatively difficult thing to do.

Life-Supporting and Cargo Module Descriptions
Weapon Module Descriptions
Drive Modules
Power Plant Modules
Exterior Accessories
Shape, Size, and Scale

Starship Creation Rules

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