Module Upgrades

Skill Bonus

Ships can offer a variety of computer programs that enhance their crewmembers’ innate skills. Duty stations, workrooms, labs, and hangars/vehicle bays may have built-in equipment to help with maintenance, diagnostics, or whatever function the room is designed to serve. The better the equipment or data available, the bigger the bonus it gives to the user. These upgrades give their users a +1 pip bonus to relevant skill use with an installation cost of 200 credits and a energy unit draw of one per die or fraction thereof. (Remember that a bonus of three pips equals a bonus of +1D.)

Example: A 2 pip bonus costs 600 credits and has an energy unit draw of 1, while a 1D+1 bonus costs 1,200 credits and has an energy unit draw of 2.


To increase the luxuriousness of a module without increasing the space, add 10 to 25 credits (for minor alterations) to thousands of credits (for major ones). Nothing of any significant size can be added to the room. Instead, this upgrade fee represents various additions to modules. In living quarters, it could be an adjustable bed or chair, wall hangings or other art, soundproofing, individual climate control, soundsculpting, compact entertainment system, security, or viewscreen or port. In a leisure room, it might mean better or more complex exercise equipment or a better entertainment library. In a bridge or duty stations, this might represent food processors, voice or holographic interaction, security features (including anti-hacking programs), drive field expansion program, distress beacon, ship identification transponder, or cryogenic capabilities (for compact bridges and escape pods only). In cargo bays, it might account for automated loading systems, storage racks, climate control, security, the ability to detach cargo modules, and so on. In settings that use interstellar gates instead of interstellar drives, codes or an activation device for gaining access to the gates would be considered a “luxury” upgrade.

Module Upgrades

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