Life-Supporting and Cargo Module Descriptions

Using this list of modules, you should be able to create a vessel that suits the role that you have determined for it. Each square meter of a vessel’s life-supporting and cargo space includes ceiling and floor panels, cables, conduits, wiring, and so on, so the open area is actually closer to 2.5 meters high, which is enough room for the average species to stand upright.

Each room, including hallways, has one pressure door to allow the area to be sealed off from the rest of the ship in case of a puncture in that area. Hallways may have protective forcefields instead of doors if you so wish. If you need a larger version of any module, buy the module several more times until you get the desired size.

Example: If you’re building a starship with a crew of five and want the bridge to accommodate all five crewmembers simultaneously, buy the standard bridge module (which supports a single crewmember) five times. This area now supports five people, takes up 20 area units, masses 10 tons, and a costs of 500.

Buying additional modules is also the method for increasing the luxuriousness of the vessel. The modules as described are the basic models, created for maximum efficiency and minimum wasted space. If you want the crew to have more room to move around, or you’re creating the opulent grandeur of a noble’s yacht, then design the ship as if it were intended to support more people than it will. For instance, you could buy two “one-person rooms” to create a single “stateroom,” which would feature more amenities such as a couch, a personal entertainment system, and so on.

The accompanying sections list each type of module, the number of people that the module supports, the number of area units that the module occupies, and its cost. The figures presented are for a single module of that type; multiple modules would combine their figures.

Life-Supporting Modules
Cargo Modules
Life-Support Equipment
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Life-Supporting and Cargo Module Descriptions

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