Jean Fraitley

A acrobatic hyperactive (ex)smuggler with tech comprehension issues.


Jean Fraitley

Move: 14
Body Points: 33
Strength Damage: 2

Agility 5
Strength 3 +2
Mechanical 2
Knowledge 2 +2
Perception 3 +2
Technical 1


Acrobatics +1
Dodge +2
Blaster +1
Slight of Hand +1

Brawling +1
Climbing/Jumping +1

Hide +1
Sneak +1

Plassteel armor
Laser Pistol x2
Survival Knife
Cred Key
Hand Scanner
Lockpicking Tools
Tracking Device
Signal Locator


Nutritional Requirement: As part of their nanotechnologies to keep them active on other worlds without the need for exoskeletons, Outer World Lonthyn must drink a chemical and nanotech cocktail every day. Failure to do so results in a -5 to damage resistance totals and taking 1D of non-soakable cumulative damage until the cocktail is taken once more.

Paranoid: Outer World Lonthyn are even more distrusting than their Inner World cousins. They suffer a -2 to all social interaction totals in situations involving trust.


Fast Reactions: Outer World Lonthyn have lighting fast reactions, a combination of their physiology and nanotechnology boosts. This gives them +1D to initiative rolls.

Hypermovement: These quick reactions and movement also means Inner World Lonthyn having a starting move of 14, instead of 10.

Nanotechnology Enhance Skeleton: The Outer World Lonthyn’s enhanced skeleton can be activated for short bursts to enhance their strength at the cost of coordination. This gives them a +2D to Strength Damage when using their fists but increases the difficulty of brawling rolls by 2 while this is active.


Glenda is tall, slightly taller even then most Lonthyn. She is slender, with grey skin. Her hair would be white, if she did not shave it off habitually.

Jean is very high strung. Always in motion, she is restless and more than a little hyperactive. This is not to say that she cannot be patient or still, just that she prefers not to. Jean is somewhat clueless around technology, and while she can operate basic machinery she has not the slightest clue how any of it works. This bugs her at times, especially the fact that she does not understand the very nanotechnology that she relies on for life. (She has read up on it, but really does not understand it any better… )
Jean is usually friendly but has a temper and can get violent very quickly… and she is good at being violent. She is loyal to those who have proven themselves to her, but earning that trust is not easy. Has a low opinion of government.

Backstory (subject to revision)
At the age of 12 the ship she and her parents were in was attacked. She and her parents managed to make their escape in one of the escape pods, but a guidance glitch in hers sent her off course. Landing on a unknown planet, with no money and no contacts, she was forced to make her own way very quickly.
Food, water, and shelter were easy to obtain, but her nano cocktail was not. In order to obtain more, she was forced to bargain with smugglers who could obtain some for her… in return for a favor or two. She was quickly caught up in the smuggling world, but discovered she had a nack for it.
She ran with these smugglers (known as the Trigale Trade Guild) for many years, and had a generally profitable arrangement. She did ‘ground’ work (aka not space flight) getting goods from point a to point b quickly and quietly, as well as some messenger work. It fell apart, however, but she will not say why. What is known is that the guild wanted her head on a platter.
On the run, she saw a golden opportunity when the ship Icarus docked, and offered her services. The rest is history.

Jean Fraitley

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