Combat Values

Combat Values are mostly derived statistics that are used to help further define your character. Though they are not only used in combat, they are most applicable during that time.


This number represents how many meters your character moves in a round at maximum walking speed in standard gravity. The running skill can increase this rate. It also serves as the base for other movement skills.

A character’s starting Move is 10

Character and Fate Points

These special points may be used to tip fortune in your favor. A starting character has 5 Character Points and 1 Fate Point.

Body Points

Body Points represent a character’s health. To determine Body Points, average your Strength Score (including pips) and add 20.

Strength Damage

This is how much damage an unarmed attack would deal. To determine the Strength Damage die code, take the character’s Strength Attribute or Lift Skill and drop the pips. Divide by 2, and round up. This is the number of dice an unarmed attack from your character would do.

Combat Values

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