Character Creation

Step 1: Concept

Being a character driven game, who your character is outshines what your character can do. The first thing needed for each character is a Concept. This should be a single sentence that sums up who your character is without needing to rely on stats.

“Paranoid but gifted pilot,” “mechanic who loves the ship a little too much,” or “cocksure pilot with a heart of gold,” are all good examples of a concept.

Step 2: Choose Species

While the galaxy is predominately human (even more so because of the growing xenophobia presented by the Lux Imperium), there are other species that took to the stars. Choose your character’s species, but remember, anything but human will be harassed (or worse) in places loyal to the Imperium.

Copy down all special Advantages and Disadvantages a species has.

Step 3: Spend Attribute Points

Each character gets 18 points to spend among the 6 Attributes of the game. Each attribute must have a minimum of 1D and can have a maximum of 5D.

Each point equals 1 die. When you put dice in an attribute, you can either put whole dice in
each attribute, or you can give each a mixture of whole dice and pips. Each die equals three pips. A pip gives a +1 to each attribute, giving a maximum of +2 for 2 pips before rolling into the next die code.

Step 4: Spend Skill Points

Each character has a number of points to spend on Skills as related to their species. Each skill is linked to an Attribute and starts at the same score as the character’s relevant Attribute. Skill points spent on skills raise that Skill above the Attribute level to signify extra training. Like Attributes, you can either put whole dice in each attribute, or you can give each a mixture of whole dice and pips. Each die equals three pips. You may not spend more than 3 skill points on a single skill.

Step 5: Record Combat Values

Combat Values determine starting movement, strength damage, wounds and character points. While these are not only used in combat, that is where they mostly are utilized.

Step 6: Pick Out Starting Equipment

Each character begins with one sidearm (any weapon listed as a “pistol” or Handgun) and survival knife. They may also choose one additional weapon of any type (firearm or ranged). Each character starts with Plassteel armor and a Cred-Key. Each character then chooses 7 items from the Gear section to start with.

Step 7: Final Character Touches

Finalize your character by answering the following questions:

What does your character look like? Hair/Fur color? Eye Color? Height? Weight? Age?

What is your character’s strongest childhood memory?
What is your character’s favorite food?
What is your character’s most obvious bad habit?

What is your character’s greatest strength?
What is your character’s greatest weakness?
What is your character’s greatest pleasure?
What is your character’s greatest fear?

Building a ship!

Think you’re done? Not yet! Get together with the rest of the part and build a ship using the Starship Creation Rules. Have fun!

Starship Creation Rules

Character Creation

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