Captain Henry Alexander

Cheerful captain who might just be a touch mad...



Agility: 2D
Strength: 1D+2
Mechanical: 5D
Knowledge: 2D+1
Perception: 3D+2
Technical: 3D+1

#Trained Agility Skills (Add 2D)
Blaster 0D+2
#Trained Mechanical Skills (Add 5D)
Astrogation 0D+2
Space Transport Piloting 1D
Capital Ship Piloting 0D+1
Sensors 0D+2
Starship Gunnery 0D+1
#Trained Knowledge Skills (Add 2D+1)
Alien Species 0D+1
Planetary Systems 0D+2
Law Enforcement 0D+1
Value 0D+1
Willpower 0D+1
#Trained Perception Skills (Add 3D+2)
Command 0D+1
Beast Riding 0D+1
#Trained Technical Skills (Add 3D+1)
Space Transports Repair 0D+1
Starship Weapon Repair 0D+1

#Combat Values
Move: 10
Character Points: 5
Fate Points: 1
Body Points: 26/26
Strength Damage: 1D

Space Spyglass
Tool Kit
Hand Comp
Hand Scanner

Blaster Pistol 5D Damage, 12 Ammo, 20/50/150
Blaster Rifle 7D Damage, 30 Ammo, 25/150/300
Bull-whip 1D

Plas-steel armor +1D+2
Enviro-suit +0D+1


-spent entire life on ship, including significant time in zero G (thus the low strength)
-past military experience, served during the expansion, ship was damaged while he was in Cryo, he remained in cryo until well past the time that Caesar has gone totalitarian (came out…15 years ago?). Went rogue after this
-slightly touched due to extended period in a flaky cryo system..or maybe he’s just ‘old fashioned.’ It’s hard to tell.
-Attended Imperial Navy Command School. Here he learned how to lead, as well as some less common traits such as riding strange beasts…
-Has a penchant for drinking whisky. Rarely to excess, just a dram or two a day. Mostly just drinks in his quarters…but sometimes on the bridge.

Wears “antique” Imperial Navy uniform, sans jacket/insignia.
Dusky brown hair, a little longer than what the military would approve of (you rebel, you…)
Is a little shorter than average (5’4?), his growth having been stunted by the life of a spacer. He’s only around 120lbs, subsisting on space food, with not much opportunity to build large amounts of muscle
His skin is surprisingly tan, the life of a spacer means they are exposed to low grade EM Radiation, causing the skin to tan
His real age is 185. He joined the Navy on his 18th Birthday, 3 years after the Expansion Conflicts began, wishing to help his home system rise to it’s true glory. 8 years later (at age 26), he was in Cryo during a long transit when his ship suffered a catastrophic failure, caused by a recent battle. Those in Cryo survived…until about 15 years ago when the Cryo systems shut down, releasing them. The hydroponics on the ship were still alive, keeping just enough breathable atmo on the ship for the few survivors from the long, fritzed cryo freeze to manage to make some field expedient repairs to the FTL drive and nav system, sufficient to return them to base. Some of his compatriots rejoined the Navy. Some took their lives, horrified at what they returned to, or just mentally incapable of the temporal shift, or for other reasons. Still others, like him, took to the fringes, unwilling to continue living in what they saw as the remains of a once proud civilization.

Captain Henry Alexander

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