George Traymor

Demolition expert and ground engineer



Agility 2
Strength 2
Mechanical 3
Knowledge 2
Perception 1
Technical 5

Explosives, rope, ect (Demolition Tool kit)
Plasteel Armor
Machine pistol

Racial Traits:


Low Gravity Tailored: Gilvahn operate better on the higher gravity their bodies evolved to survive in. Because of this, any Agility based dice roll is considered one difficultly level higher for a Gilvahn in standard (1g) gravity or lesser.


Hardiness: Gilvahn are a hardy species and gain a +4 to damage resistance rolls.

Tech Genius: Gilvahn have a natural aptitude for technology and gain a +1 to any and all Repair skill rolls.


Born in a mining planet, George was always around explosives. As he grew up he became proficient in repairs… and said explosives. After his parents died he decided to leave and see what the world had to offer.

George Traymor

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