Dr. Wilfred Conrad

Microbiologist with Attitude


Step 2: Choose Species
Skill Points: Humans start with 7 skill points to distribute among skills.

Step 3: Spend Attribute Points
Agility: 2
Strength: 2
Mechanical: 3
Knowledge: 4+2
Perception: 3
Technical: 3+1

Step 4: Spend Skill Points
Blaster: 1
Running: +1
Lifting: +1
Stamina: +1
Swimming: +1
Communications: +1
Sensors: +2
Alien Species: +2
Bureaucracy: +1
Scholar: 1d
Willpower: +1
Persuasion: +1
Computer Programming & Repair: +1
Medicine: 1d

Step 5: Record Combat Values
Move: 10
Character Points: 5
Fate Points: 1
Body Points: 27
Strength Damage: 1d

Step 6: Pick Out Starting Equipment
Stun pistol
Survival knife
Plasma rifle (“The Cauterizer”)
Plassteel armor

Hand Comp (Google Nexus 2097)
Scholarchips (Science)
Scholarchips (Medicine)
Holo-vid Player


Step 1: Concept
Microbiologist with Attitude

Step 7: Final Character Touches
Microbiologist trained at various prestigious universities. School color where he got his doctorate is crimson.
Worked as a EMT for a few summers during school; learned about the probable ways the human body can fail.
Accidentally stuck with a sharp contaminated with dangerous bacteria into his liver; has nanomachines constantly fighting them to survive. Will probably die in a week or two if they fail. Good thing he knows how to take care of them.

Average height, a big pudgy but tries to keep himself in decent enough shape. Hair has gone prematurely silver. Brown eyes. 5’ 6" in height. 180 lbs. 40 years old.

Strongest childhood memory is probably a documentary on bacteria that aired on the public access television
Favorite food is cheese.
Bad habit is his tendency to not shave. It’s worse because he obviously can’t grow a very good beard (it grows in the wrong parts and not all connected).

His greatest strength is his analytic mind and his ability to figure out how things work and how they should work and what they can do based on that.
His greatest weakness is the flabby, failure-prone body he has been cursed with. Especially when his liver acts up.
His greatest pleasure is when he successfully applies what he’s learned and improves something, particularly other people. (He refers to this as “having a moment.”)
His greatest fear is a long, slow, painful death caused by his body systematically failing on him in ways he is intimately familiar with, especially if it’s his mind that goes first.

Dr. Wilfred Conrad

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