Chuck Grand

Night Pilot and All-Around Cool Guy


Agility 2
Strength 2
Mechanical 4
Knowledge 2
Perception 4
Technical 1

Aviator sunglasses, deck of cards, sweet hat, cred-key (personal effects)
Survival knife
Heavy semi-automatic handgun (.44 magnum revolver, double action)
Plasteel armor


Chuck serves as the night pilot aboard the Icarus, as well as the man to go to for any social situation involving finesse. He’s relatively calm under pressure and always makes an effort to stay smooth. He’s somewhere past middle age and has graying hair. Average height, a bit on the skinny side. He had a mid-life crisis about a decade ago, learned how to fly a ship, and picked up gambling. His game of choice is no limit Texas hold’em, a game which can create massive debts in a short period of time if you’re not careful, like Chuck was. He had a big debt to pay off and joined the Icarus to earn money to do it. After that, he decided it was more fun sticking with the Icarus than doing whatever it was he was doing, having a bunch of people to watch your back and fly you out of there to some other place you can cheat is better than not.

He doesn’t like to talk about his past too much, probably left something behind he might think he shouldn’t have. Or maybe we just haven’t thought of anything yet, and we can make it up when we need it.

Chuck Grand

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